Day 9 bedtime

Quick update few things I definitely missed!

I started having a small uptick of energy yesterday. It seems to have continued today but post exertion I'm just totally exhausted and practically fell asleep. Also my breathing isn't great.

But my sore throat is still pretty much gone. Which I take as a good sign. The itchiness I've had for about 5 days in a row has stopped today. The immune response seems to have shifted but all in all I just feel very tired and dizzy after taking my first dose.

I also found a load of articles tonight about beta glucans being used to put CFS patients into remission. Well one guy in particular but there appeared to be a few studies into it as well. I'm convinced now that on there own all these things are great even pro drugs are great. But without nutritional support even if it doesn't match the exact broken pathways. Without that it's difficulty for it to work long term maybe. Makes you wonder if Dr Lerner's or chias patients had had that incorporated so that it worked against their flavour of virus. If they would be able to come off the pro drugs they were taking.

Totally shattered anyway off to the land of nod...


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