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I am following the Joshua Leisk protocol v 3.2 The latest protocol can be found here: (

Started to feel a bit off this week, thought the protocol was either ramping up my immune system (which to be honest made no sense based on the last 4 months) or it wasn't working.
But my girlfriend and I are both sick with some sort of virus, both got aches and pains, nausea, headache (her not me), and very run down. Also fuzzy head (her) dizziness (me). I also had an ulcer the week before last which I haven't had on this protocol once.

My girlfriend is a key worker so I guess she might have picked it up from work. Lateral flow is negative but I have got a PCR as well just in case.

Other than that I removed EGCG from the protocol and have felt a bit calmer but overall not much difference. Haven't tested my reaction to exercise yet as not been well enough, but I am hoping to ditch the egcg completely over adrenal fatigue worries.

I also got a large bank of tests done on Weds which will be checking kidneys, liver, hormones inc dhea and t levels, vitamin d and b12. So I'll be interested to see what these look like, especially as I recently got quite a bit of sun and am taking 4000iu per day vitamin d.

So yes due to the virus can't give much of an update, but so far not completely "flattened" by it like I normally am. But so weird to get a virus in August! Don't remember having that happen working remotely (last 2 years) ever. Of course when I was mingling among people it probably did happen. However I vividly remember going through a phase where as soon as it rained I got a cold....this was years ago in the early ME stages so who knows!


I'm relatively sure that I'm a super spreader. Whenever I go to see family members, it's obviously very stressful to travel. PEM with infection symptoms are granted in the subsequent days. Sometimes, it develops to a full infection of some sorts.

For a long time, I thought it was just an unfortunate coincidence that they got sick whenever I met them, that they catched a virus someplace else because they are careless and I catched it from them. Later, I figured it was me who was infecting them. They usually develop mild to moderate infection symptoms, while in my case it's moderate to severe.

I think that the stressful traveling triggers viral reactivation or another pathogen to reactivate. Joshua's protocol includes substances that can reactivate viruses as well, not that it's necessarily bad to do so when combined with antivirals or when the immune system is prepped to deal with it.

My point is that you might just have endured symptoms from a virus you already had in you. Pure speculation, of course.
That's the theory @nerd that the viruses reactivate and what not while on the protocol. When I added the egcg back in yesterday it resolved most of the viral flu like symptoms. But of course all that might mean is that ok giving my body the anti oxidants it needs to deal with the reactivation.

Anyway I really hope me and the others who've been on the Protocol for months who definitely have ME will improve and continue to improve.

As for your family it's entirely possible for us to pass on what we have I agree. Although it seems rare I do think possible. Or those pocket cases where the families get infected wouldn't exist. Like I met family recently. I didn't get any sicker and they didn't infect me but it happens to others I know.

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