Day 87 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

Managed to do a 35 min walk yesterday in a local country park. Was really nice to get out on a warm evening.

PEM was slow onset the following day (all I had was dizziness as my first immediate symptom about 20 minutes into the walk) - felt pretty much symptom free prior to setting off. PEM worsened after waking up today, dizziness was slightly worse, fatigue in arms and legs. Have felt dizzy all day, mood is worse, muscles are very stiff/sore, but fatigue is at lower levels.

As ever I do think dizziness is directly proportional to fatigue - for me. But I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.

So since I last posted I started to feel "myself" on sunday/monday getting back to my pre covid 2nd jab level of normality. But still not quite as good as I felt then, so not there yet. Also I've had an ulcer in my mouth which is still not completely gone 2 weeks on. The ulcer is quite annoying.

So still not back to where I was pre covid jab but probably 80% there. Immune response is much less now, quite mild on the whole, no dizziness after dosing really. I take about 40g of oat bran per day with all the normal protocol doses.

I am getting more bloods tomorrow to check kidneys and liver function, as well as vitamin d and b12. Also LH and FSH which josh believes are abnormal in ME patients and an indicator of entereoviral infection.
I am still trying to find a new phlebotomist for my IMD tests, all the ones I contact locally either don't pick up the phone or don't reply to emails.

EGCG is still something I want to remove completely, even though I am taking NOW EGCG, I still feel a bit wired, restless, anger too easily (at work) and am possibly loosing my rag far too easily (especially at work). Plus it might be contributing to adrenal fatigue, through over stimulation, thereby taxing the adrenals causing a lack of hormonal energy, which is in my experience a very different type of "low energy" sensation.

Overall still holding at about 70 to 80% hummingbird, which is great, in theory if I stay stable on the protocol over time this should improve, but the dizziness is going nowhere and it's one of my core symptoms. So it bothers me that I can feel lots better in terms of my fatigue and exertional recovery, but the dizziness symptom seems to not get much better - surely if the protocol works for ME that symptom should dramatically improve? Yet it doesn't. Also entereoviral infection might be a total wild goose chase as to answering the dizziness question, which could be caused by all sorts.


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