Day 82

The latest protocol can be found here: (

But I am still on v3.2.

However I've started adding in chinese skullcap root £40 for 500g from Bristol Botanicals. I started with this thsi week but 2 days into 6g a day I was hit by a pretty bad immune response/herx and that means I've stopped taking it as I've now got an ulcer. My mouth dries out when my immune system is high and busy. So I am taking it slower for a bit to reset.

All the symptoms I mentioned months ago have gone and even though they sort of tried to come back post covid jab they've now been gone for well over 15 days:
  • ME sore throat
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • fatigue (this isn't 100% but I did manage to get rid of it a few days ago, I think this might be because I took extra thiamine which I might do again as my body seemed to lap it up and I had no fatigue when I awoke the next day)
  • breathlessness (only get this very occasionally but usually when my immune response is higher due to the glucan intake)
  • fatigue (on the whole it's 80% better - it was 100% gone prior to the covid vaccine #2 but I've just not been the same since that jab, it remains to be seen if that's a coincidence or not)
  • oral health and oral wound healing much better (haven't had an ulcer for about 3 months until this week and that appeared to correlate with higher immune response when taking chinese skullcap root 6g per day)
  • brain fog has completely gone, memory much improved, but still struggle at work understanding the complex systems I have to work with and my short term memory is really very bad. I am dyslexic so this is hardly surprising, but I feel like a lot of my symptoms of dyslexia got a lot worse with ME anyway.
  • cranial cervical junction inflammation gone
  • neck inflammation gone
  • neck pain gone
  • occipital lymph node swelling gone
  • MCAS (multi chemical sensitivty much improved but not gone)
  • stress response much better but have had some issues this week, possibly hormonal due to low DHEA - I will find out if this is the case next week when I get a blood test.
symptoms I still have
  • dizziness (mild or slightly worse, I have this mainly after dosing now)
  • energy envelope is still amazingly better than before and if I take bcaa's 5g in two split doses with lots of water, glycine/nac/panthentic acid and choline I can buffer PEM after a larger bout of exertion by a lot. Saying this I have no intention of exercising anytime soon. But ultimately I still have to pace and be careful, because I don't feel strong enough yet.
It's my hope that in a few weeks the immune response from the glucans will calm down, now that I've gone from 400mg a day to 1400mg a day it's bound to cause a few aches and pains (literally as this is what happens in the evenings).

After that I'll introduce the skullcap root for it's CVB 3 4 and 5 anti viral actions and it's CNS protecting abilities. Once the immune response is over from that I should also have some ok protection from any potential covid19 infection I end up getting at some point in the future.

By the time that happens I'll be due to get a vaccine booster, so will probably loose all the benefits I've gained on the protocol. I think until covid is a thing we undrestand, this is just how it's going to be for ME patients, which is really quite shit if you ask me.


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