Day 8 - evening

Fatigue is starting to get bad. Feels like a very slow crash. Bubbles away for weeks and then suddenly you find out your in a bad place.

As it's impossible to tell the difference between a bad protocol and often one that's working/works it's difficult to stop if you think it's too early to do so.

I'll keep writing updates as I go.
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This is exactly why I believe people get stuck into a spiral.. when every step hurts you - how do you know what's the right step? Takes some trust / faith to keep putting one foot in front of the other each day.. otherwise you take the path of least resistance and get stuck in "the trap", where things don't hurt as much, but nothing gets better.

I don't envy your next week or so.. the paradox of getting sick to get well is quite a challenge.
I know I keep oscillating. But I think this blog post sums up one of the major hurdles with the disease. With do many snake oil salesman and so many substances that make you feel the same as a "good response" it's almost impossible to know if it's just doing harm.

Now I know for a fact there's nothing really in this protocol that can do me any harm. R-ala seems like it would be ok for chelation based on our dosing schedule. Reishi and beta glucans have never caused me to become worse so no issue there either and everything else is simply an amino acid or b vitamin.

It's just so frustrating and I want to highly really what it's like for the more moderate to severe folks more than anything. I'm commited @joshua.leisk don't worry 😂 I also have to be vague due to forum rules don't forget ;)

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