Day 67

So it looks as if brightcandle had a crash by incorporating new items on v3.31 of the protocol. This protocol was recently released to go after entereoviral infections as well as herpes ones.

He went from 90% down to 5% in terms of hummingbird function. Which I would not have expected, that's very dangerously dramatic. He performed a fast over 3 days and is now back at 20% again (returning to the old protocol version he was on before).

Also I have been taking the same brand of egcg as brightcandle for about a month and it's certainly "stronger" whatever that means - than the Lindens UK brand I was taking. The difference is lindens is uk home grown and the one is from china. Chinese brands can be ok and both uk and chinese brands can be dodgy, but I trust the regulation a bit more in the UK. At any rate I switched back to Lindens today and the effect is far less dramatic, although I do feel like I'll be able to sleep!

It does bother me though because while the immune response is currently robust and I feel a lot better. I am concerned about how the egcg is working and the potency of it. It could be terrible for egcg potency for all I know. It's such a shame nobody in the marketplace sells EGCG (just egcg).

Anyway I am going to see how I get on. I've also got some valerian tablets now to combine with my melatonin, I think a sedative combined with melatonin should keep me asleep.

I also worry about the potential caffiene in the egcg and the thannines - which I respond terribly too and always have since I was a kid - which is why I do not touch tea! Quite odd for a brit. I would LOVE an alternative to this stuff, but there aren't any that seem easily available.

So symptom wise I've got some throat swelling (from increased beta glucan dose) and occipital nodes are up slightly, body feels very busy (immune activation), neck is fine now, nerve pain has gone. I am convinced the higher glucan intake got rid of the nerve pain.


I think you've answer this before but just want to clarify...if someone was going to start this at some point, you would recommend doing version 3.2?
Definitely. Exclude the creatine and the glutathione completely. Do not add in anything your food intolerant to - aka remain on an exclusion diet.

A crash at day 4 is pretty normal and proposes a good prognosis for getting some of your life back. By the end of week 2 or 3 you should feel pretty good. This is assuming the protocol works for the infections you have and the underlying metabolic issues.

There's a slight complication in that buying the right brands of everything is vital and egcg seems very tricky to acquire, lots of dodgy brands out there, I have contacted one UK company asking them to send me a lab report so I can try to figure out what exactly is in these egcg products! They all seem completely different.
Oh and no women have enrolled onto the protocol, to my knowledge one romanian girl did who I talk to occasionally and she's still in a pretty bad way, she has chronically high ebv antibody titers. But as she's in romanian can't exactly access lauricidin very easily, nor spironolactone either.

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