Day 66 - Dose 3

Felt really good all day today. Was even able to go out at lunchtime. So back to where I was when I began to feel good previously.

EGCG definitely making me overly wired, but I am playing with the doses.

100mg/100mg/25mg today to see how I get on with that. Josh confirmed egcg has a cumulative bell curve, so as you add a dose every 4 hours it actually increases blood concentration slightly and therefore the effects. I've ordered some valerian to hopefully keep me asleep and will probably reduce the egcg further in the future once I have the PEM/viruses under control.

As for immune response, not a huge amount to report. Dizziness is the main issue, swelling in the nerve in the neck and upper back, but the rest of the nerve has calmed down a lot. No idea if this is vzv or ebv.

Neck still a bit stiff, but last time that got better and slowly ameliorated over about 2 weeks.

All in all though I'll be glad to maintain my current energy levels, one thing this recent crash (setback?) made me realise is that I don't actually care much for exercise as long as I can do things and live a semi normal life and who knows maybe in the future I can do more. But if ME is essentially a B cell mediated disease, whereby the B cells are overrun by infection that can constantly reactivate, then until those b cell infective numbers have gone down, which as we know from Dr Martin Lerners research can take years - I doubt we can rely on our new found energy.

I'm also keeping tabs on other people with ME who are doing the protocol. Someone was at 90% but has recently had a set back and it's not clear why, another has got a strain of influenza from his kid and it's not clear if this was due to a weakened immune system or a covid jab, another has been on the protocol for 3 months and is still not quite there yet. And then there's Martin, easily the most severe of all of us in this ME set and he's currently pursuing treatments for entereoviral infection. So continuing to gather the data and stay apraised of peoples progress is another task in itself!
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