Day 65 - Dose 4

Took egcg today with glucans and reishi. Even if the last 4 weeks of experiments don't work I've learnt something at least.

125/125/75mg egcg in 3 doses
980mg reishi 3x a day
440mg lion's mane 3 x a day
250mg r-ala 3 x a day

Taking reishi gives a small boost in energy but doesn't heal oral wounds, it does not increase energy and it doesn't induce physical symptoms in the throat or neck or back where I am sure our viruses camp out.

Beta glucans on the other hand give rather huge boost in energy at the max dose and smaller increases at the lower dose. It causes tissues that have harboured viruses like ebv cmv etc to flare up. So the glands and tissues of the throat. The nerves of the upper back and neck. The muscles of the neck upper back and lower back.

Egcg gives a large boost in cognition and is definitely anti fatiguing but I'm still not entirely sure hows it's working. I choose to fgiure it out myself instead of accept the gdh hypothesis. However I think it also over stimulated and when viral titers are high this seems to prove very problematic. Although possibly it causes fewer issues when combined with glucans which lower viral load.

Of course that's just one part of the picture. The r-ala definitely lowers inflamation. Assumed as ROS.

Glycine seems to have no actual effect I can discern.

Nac has what seems to be an anti viral effect a sit thickens lymphatic tissue and causes an anti fatiguing effect in higher doses.

Hard to discern the effect of panthothenic acid and choline.

Today's my first day back on the protocol where I've not had bad flare. Apart from the fact the fatigue in my legs isn't great.

I'm hoping the fatigue I've been having in the morning and the sore throat at night/early morning will pass inthe next few days.
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