Day 64

Thought I'd try some Apple cider vinegar capsules yesterday. Can't actually remember why I was trying these to be honest. Anyway outcome was, throat tissue felt much improved, which has now puzzled me a tad, but it could be a total coincidence to be honest that this occured when I took the acv capsules.

However today my dizziness is worse and my mouth is really dry, while this could be an immune response, it could just be my body is a bit dehydrated. So I'm going to knock it on the head for now and focus on the glucans and reishi, just so I am not adding in lots of other things into the experiment clouding the outcome.
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Thanks for clarifying.

I originally thought this was what you meant by ACV but then you were talking in one thread about Acyclovir as ACV :wide-eyed: so I didn't know which you meant. :woot:
Neither did I. Going to blame brain fog!! I read the study a few times as well. Still got it wrong....frustrating.

I seem to be having a strong immune response right now though. So let's pray it's all a good thing. Definitely feels productive.

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