Day 63 - Dose 2

So taking out the beta glucans and higher reishi does + egcg has reset me back to where I was the day before.

Fatigue is still not great, although I do also feel a bit achy which would be much closer to an immune response than a standard ME symptomatic response. Problem is once the viruses get into the blood (as I understand it) your left feeling pretty shit and once you clear them without adequate immune boosting, all your symptoms return. This is what I've experienced in all my experiments over the last 3 or 4 years. A return of symptoms once I stop the immune booster/anti viral/anti bacterial.

Of course there's more to it than viruses but it's anyones guess which metabolic subset we all fit into.

Next experiment will be to try a low beta glucan dose for say 2 weeks with reishi and 75mg egcg 3x a day.

Because it was only once I added the beta glucans in that my mouth began to heal properly. The healing had become a bit less than adequat recently, but when I added the glucans back in, my mouth felt fine again. I haven't had an ulcer for 60 days, with the diet I am currently eating this is amazing (lots of acidic supplements, with a mix of some acidic foods but not loads). I used to get sores in there whenever I ate sugar, spicy foods or anything acidic - inc herbal teas etc. Whereas now I can tolerate all that just fine, but if the beta glucans are out for too long, this comes back. Maybe it's hsv1 or hsv2 that causes this particular wound healing issue in the oral health - hard to say. So I do want a small dose of beta glucans as opposed to nothing.

At the same time I have to prevent an immune flare of ebv symptoms, it's starting to become a merry go round. Hopefully I can get out of it soon or better tests will elucidate a bigger issue, which will then possibly explain why I am having so much difficulty.


Been trilling acv tonight. It's brought on a sore throat but the sore throat has passed. I have more energy and slightly less fatigue. I just found a study which clearly shows acv shedding disappeared from the oral cavity over 28 days whole taking acv. Ebv began shedding again when they stopped taking the acv.

Really fascinating. So this might be a real winner (for me) for ebv. We will see.
Yes it is. I think that's why it ultimately made me worse for awhile. I think I've only recently recovered. I wonder is spironolactone mitochondrially toxic? Currently still very dizzy not convinced it's anything to do with the immune response but I'm going to persevere. There's always the worry you could end up permenently worse with some experiments.
Yeah was Just joking, im also looking forward to try spirnolactone. Not sure about the dosage and if you can achieve high enough concentrations.
Doesn't sound like you need to for the benefits to manifest. I've bought some but I am on the fence about trying it. Might keep it for emergencies when EBV flares, I really hate drugs there are so many side effects @DrUniverse

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