Day 63 - dose 1

This is my second or third day of waking up with bad fatigue. I'm going to take a rest from egcg and glucans and just take 1 reishi capsule today in hopes my body will reset to a calmer state.

My necks also become very stiff but this seemed to happen when I increased the glucans so it would seem to be my immune system trying to clear something.

At any rate. Once I've reset myself the only other thing I can try is 980mg reishi 440mg lion's mane and 75mg egcg. That would be the bare minimum required to stir the immune system. I could take 1 TSP of oat bran which would also work.

Up until a few days ago this was tolerable. But the bad muscle fatigue has brought on dizziness that won't really go away.

I also have this slight concern that I'm flogging a dead horse because many of these issues with fatigue and neck stiffness began after the covid jab and just seemed to get worse as the weeks went by. What I mean is. I may have to just wait a year or 6 months for whatever the vaccine broke to heal/fix itself.
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