Day 6 dose one


So as it's the weekend I've got more time to post. After dose one today I felt pretty horrid for about 2 or 2.5 hours. Might just be coming out of this now...? Not sure yet.

Feel very nauseaus and generally very unwell. Head pressure and feel exhausted. This is "on top" of the crashed state. What I mean is my crashed state left me feeling shitty but the protocol made me feel worse. So two distinctly different things going on there.

Also as I've mentioned my sore throat doesn't hurt. But I hadn't bothered to check if it was still there. I'm talking about the crimson crescents unique to ME that I've mentioned before. Well the crescents are still there and still red. Just zero pain and zero scratchy pain or soreness since 2 days ago. Which is when the ulcer and dry mouth symptom came on

Also when the sore throat stopped my astra zeneca jab site stopped hurting. Auto immunity? Hhv-6 or ebv induced attack on tissues in the body that were at one time traumatised (glandular fever/intra muscular injections)? Not got a clue. Pure speculation. But something happened.

So for all accounts I should continue to feel crappy now for a few weeks while the virus is cleared. It seems as if the beta glucans have to activate the virus so it "appears" and thent be triterpenes have to attack and kill the virus. However I'm unaware of any constituents that kill viruses. I'm only aware of constituents that slow or block viral replication so the immune system can keep up.

It's interesting either way. I do think with time though that the TIME spore gel reishi which is about 20% triterpenes. Will be superior to the lfe rieshi extract I'm using.


Update on the above, definitely did not stop at 2.5 hours, I just feel horrid permently now. Funnily enough I felt like this on Lauricidin too but I Was close to vomiting and unable to function, so I believed that to be a total loss of beneficial bacteria.

This time I am taking a high quality probiotic every day, so I am hoping the nausea won't become more intense and turn into wanting to vomit/unable to function.
Oddly feel much better after lunch and my second dose. Although I take my probiotic in the morning too. So not really sure what that's all about.

No crimson crescents are the name for the markings in the throat that ME patients have. It's two crescent shaped red markings infront of the tonsils.

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