Day 58 - Dose 2

Slept very well last night after taking 2mg naltrexone before bed. It definitely produced a strong immune response, not really sure what it did but I think it was a combination of anti inflamatory action + I think the swelling MAY have gone down in my neck, but this could be my imagination. I slept much more serenly and felt a lot happier when I woke up because of it. I've remained fairly balanced and at baseline all day, I do think the reishi picked me up though. The real test now is to see how I feel over the next few hours.

One thing I have noticed being on this protocol is that my reaction to drugs and stuff is much more normal. I don't tend to have a massively over sensitive reaction to things straight away, it tends to come on more slowly or it's much better. This is exactly what being on siberian ginseng was like, it almost stopped most of my reactions to things entirely - even pollen.

So my current thinking is, if I can calm my immune system down, either temporarily or long term then I should be able to re-introduce the green tea and some beta glucans and then I'll be able to see if I can get back to where I Was pre covid jab.

I was not expecting such a dramatic change with the ldn. I can't decide yet if it's bad news or not though because pre reishi in the morning my legs felt a bit fatigued. But how do I know this wasn't due to an immune reaction or a rebalancing that was required to reach a homeostatic balance?

Also before the covid jab I did feel very energised, I was only getting 8 hours sleep a night and was able to do stuff every day. It was great. But for all I know, to get back there I may need things to be a bit more balanced, until my body has got over teh covid jab itself. Then there's the issue of booster jabs in sept and the flu jab which I can't escape.

So the ldn will be an interesting experiment.
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