Day 57 - Dose 4

Today went pretty well in terms of symptoms but I did have a sore throat sort of niggling away at 3pm. That was really my only symptom. I was pretty stressed out this afternoon which will undoubtedly make me sicker.

At any rate this study which I think is in vitro but anyway it shows that triterpenes the primary component in Life Extension Reishi Extract, which has been proven by mast spectrometry testing as having very high triterpene acid does inhibit ebv. In the past I've only ever taken sub standard (unbeknown to me) reishi, so those experiments are really a write off I think. However with the current reishi I am taking, while it does produce a herx upon each and every single dose (primarily mucous at the back of the throat) I have got to wondering is this dose of 980mg a day enough. @DrUniverse commented on my blog awhile back that in their opinion this isn't enough.

So even though the cost of the reishi is quite frankly astronomical (prob £180 if I double the dose per month) - it might be absolutely vital that I take this dose or the effects just won't be strong enough.

So on top of removing all the beta glucans and removing all the green tea, I'm now doubling the dose of the reishi. This should have the added benefit (maybe?) of reducing gdh which green tea is no longer able to do.

In a few weeks when my sore throat is gone I'll try adding green tea back in, if my sore throat comes back I know that green tea is causing ebv to flare. Also doing it this way round I Can see if higher doses of reishi also cause ebv to flare, which sadly is a real possibility.

In my email correspondence with Stephen Buhner today he confirmed that when mono flared due to his hepatitis in later life nothing worked to get it under control. He took his energy formula which is in his lyme book to correct for the dreadful fatigue, but he could do nothing about the mono but wait for it to go away which it eventually sort of did.

I am tempted to try spironolactone if only to see if it reduces my ebv titers and symptoms. But at the same time these drugs mess with male fertility (not that I intend to have any kids) and reduce T levels (which is in itself an issue). But one guy I spoke to said his t levels remained pretty constant while on the drug. I guess the only way to know for sure is to take it (at low doses) and basically see if the ebv levels went down (by checking symptoms) and getting tests for t levels to make sure no toxicity was building up, my GP might even do this for me as a T test shouldn't actually be very expensive for the NHS to do.


Interesting that Buhner couldn't fix his issue with that completely? Is his energy formula the one with eleuthero, cordyceps, etc?

What's the reason for focusing on the reishi without the beta glucans? I thought there was supposed to be a synergy there on how they stimulated immune function?
Yeah the energy formula is made up of about 14 herbs. Like bladderwrack, astragalus, milk thistle, etc.

If you take the glucans out your shitty feeling will reduce, but so will your ramped up immune system. EBV for all I know might be thriving in this ramped up immune environment. So the idea is to reduce that to calm everything down.
The idea is that your immune system is always doing something, although not true for all patients but most, so even if you take out the glucans the reishi can still do the work, just not as quickly as if you had the glucans in there. Right now though I'm trying to understand how to stop this ebv flare, which is doing what it wants regardless of whether I take the glucans and egcg or not. So some experimentation is needed for me to fully tailor it to my own needs.

I'm also going to try an ldn experiment to see if that will beneficially calm the immune system down, enough that I can add the glucans and egcg back in.

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