Day 56 - Dose 4

I had a pretty great day today, felt quite normal all day until 4pm when I came back from a trip out and a few other chores and my throat began to feel worse again. Tonight my throats very sore. The ghanian quinine didn't seem to help as much as it did in the morning, so no idea what was going on there.

I've had a look in my mouth and even my tonsils felt a tad sore tonight/red. They do look red but not angry red so that's good. Therefore it might just be the alcohol from the tincture that's doing it and I would not be remotely surprised as alcohol tinctures although bizarrely they NEVER used to do this to me and didn't do this to me for about 12 months (year 3 of ME) in year 4 and 5 of ME suddenly my throat and mucous membranes and teeth+gums couldn't tolerate it anymore. Never understood or figured that out, as I was taking more than than I do now, I take tiny doses now and only if I absolutely must.

So I will take the quinine in some yoghurt, that should lower the alcoholic harshness, not sure it will help my throat or not. I have got some cryptolepis (ghanian quinine is the same thing) coming in powdered form, so once that arrives I'll ditch the tinctures I think.

The only other thing that worries me is that ebv is replicating and could have been replicating since I started the protocol and it wasn't until I had the covid jab that it seriously messed up my immune system, so that now I am ultimately back where I was 12 months ago. I've ordered some rapid mono tests to see if these are positive, as I cannot afford the viral titer test at present.

If it's bacterial I should get an answer on that next week.


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