Day 54 - Dose 2

Well this is day 2 or 3 I forget of taking andrographis. It makes my throat tons better throughout the day and reduces the mucous a huge amount. But when it wears off my symptoms come back.

I rang my doctor and no results yet.

I can still feel pressure at the base of my tongue where it joins into my throat, with swelling below that (not the tonsils) but when prodding the area can't really feel any lumps (ignoring lymph nodes). I do think my jaw might be taking awhile to heal at the moment which I'll just have to be patient with, but the other symptoms are just strange and don't appear to be responding to any anti virals or anti bacterials in terms of getting rid of the issue. But they are great for symptom relief.

It is still entirely possible that something on the protocol is making things feel worse. I've been off the green tea for two days, haven't really noticed any difference thus far.

I also increased the beta glucans back to the normal dose and that might have made the jaw stiffness worse to be honest, but I can't be sure.

Still none the wiser as to what's wrong but it's certainly very distracting.
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