Day 54 - Dose 1

Still cannot get rid of the throat irritation. But I also noticed there's a lot of mucous back there and it is constantly there. Plus my nose is stuffy now which it wasn't a week ago.

Which got me wondering could be it be post nasal drip? I found one PR post with no replies saying could it be due to probiotics? So I've stopped my probiotic in case that is the cause.

I've also stopped the green tea as of the morning of Day 53.

I think I am going to have to continue taking things out until I figure out what is causing the post nasal drip and the probable sinus congestion/infection?

Suspect the 2 day of anti biotics I had knocked the infection out of my throat, but it maybe originated further up at the back of my sinuses. And just infected my throat when my immune system was weak already. Be interesting to see what my culture swab results are like.


Yep interesting stuff. Andrographis should knock mold out tbh. If taken regularly enough it should definitely do the trick. I've never had this issue before it's brand new. But also his treatment is only available in Russia and seems experimental to the point of being potentially dangerous? I'm gonna stick with the protocol now. Andrographis isn't giving me too many side effects currently. It's actually working like it did in 2018 so I'm getting quite a lot of therapeutic effect. The herx has also calmed down. But my throats still not right and no test results yet from the doctor. I reckon I'll have to wait another week. I just called to try and get them :(

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