Day 53 - Dose 1

Bit sick of writing the same update I won't lie. Woke up without a sore throat which was good, but my ME has gone backwards at this point, been sick for too many weeks in a row, so no time to actually properly rest and recover. For all I know my white blood cells are low/high at the minute and I am pretty dizzy most of the time. Doctor has been fairly useless, I won't get my results for anotehr few days.

I stopped taking the Lauricidin every 2 hours because I was a complete zombie at work and the brain fog was really bad to the point where I am sat there doing no work all day.

I'm going to try some andrographis now I think, a whole bottle of the whole herb (which involves taking 2800mg every hour up to about 12 to 15g and no more for the 24 hour period). It's much stronger than ParActin and I haven't actually bothered to try this so far. Mainly because it doesn't really work on bacterial infections. What I really need is to dose sida acuta at say 2 tablespoons whole powder 3x a day, but this stuff would cost me £200 a month and it would take about 4 weeks to arrive (mainly due to covid). So that's no good.

Sida Acuta is a systemic anti biotic herb, so it will get into all the tissues in the body and kill bacteria. A not very well known part of herbal medicine is that taking anything simply won't work. If it isn't potent and it won't get to the right tissues, your wasting time and money. It has to be the right herb for the job. So andro will reduce inflammation quite rapidly and might help clear it. I've still got a lot of mucous but my throat feels quite a lot better. But when I stop taking stuff my lymph nodes in my neck feel quite sore, so I am still not convinced it's "gone".

Plus I just feel run down and tired, not ME tired tho just tired all the time.
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Well 20 minutes after taking andrographis got a bit of an energy boost and felt pressure in my sinuses, aches in my arm muscles, pressure at the back of my head but andro is a calcium channel blocker so that could just be increased blood flow to the brain. Also felt the anti inflammatory action in the brain (sort of felt like blood flow change under my skull to be honest). A minor sensation of something in my throat, could just be very minor bacterial die off symptoms.

I would say a very strong herx. So I feel pretty zoned out again/zombified. But not as bad as the zombie effect of the Lauricidin.

Funnily enough lauricidin normally gives me energy, so it's odd the herx is so strong. Probably a sign it;s working.
Yeah in reality it doesn't actually do anything for EBV. At least after I had EBV I started taking andro and it would suppress the virus for 30 minutes and then it would come RIGHT back at full force. But I have literally NO clue what causes my body to become so immunocompromised/weakened - it doesn't show up on blood work I have not got a clue.

And the private blood tests to get my kidneys/liver and immune cells checked are £190 so not something I can do more than twice a year. Very frustrating.

Yeah the Lauricidin herx was bearable it just made work impossible. What I am doing now is andrographis whole herb today and that's made my jaw go all weak again so I think it's killing something at the back of my jaw. Plus my throat feels loads better, so I think I might be making progress.
Funny with the jaw. I have problems too. I even got a jaw scan and they found small unknown tissue in it (wtf). But the doc dont want to remove it. I read that some bacteria in the mouth reactivates EBV.

In my case all started with White tooth extraction and something fucked up there.
Have you had done anything in the past with your jaw or teeth?
my jaw's been fine until recently so it's probably temporary but I had two teeth extracted from that spot my 2nd year with ME. I had bacterial tonsillitis. I've not got a clue to this day how I got it....not one clue. But I blamed it on a paleo diet at the time making my immune system weak.
Okay thats mysterious ,but logicaly cant be the cause of your ME outbreak.
How high are your Anti EBV iGG?
As you mentioned the blood Analysis. Did you test your NK Cell and B Lymphoycte Count?
Nah I can't get tests for nk and b here, just impossible. Or if it is it costs a fortune. NHS do not cover it btw.

anti ebv igg just tells you if you have had an immune reaction before. My current ebv titers are unknown, my last number was 168 but that was 8 months after an acute re-activation.
Okay that sucks.

The VCA IGG. Viruscapsid Antigen. In my case its between 400-500 since 4 years and therefore an ongoing production (in my opinion).

Anyways good luck with the andographis treatment:)
Yeah the ebv titers are weird, some peoples can be sky high for years and nothing works. I've read lots of blog posts, it seems impossible for most people to get the titers down. It's a abd virus when it replicates a lot. My girlfriends brother was just in hospital and he's just come out of surgery and he's walking about feeling better already, no way in hell an ME patient would ever respond like that. I didn't.

Thanks, I think I've reached max andrographis for today ha! At some point I'll ditch these extra treatments and go back on the protocol 100% - it worked once before so it makes sense with homeostatis it should work again...eventually covid jab was a set back.

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