Day 51 - Dose 2

Not a very pleasant day today, the allergic reaction seems to come back in the morning - not sure why. But my body is reacting to everything now, it's reacting to the stuff I take in the morning, the tablets I take, literally everything. If it touches my lips I've gotta get it off quick as it really stings. Didn't eat any avocado today for this reason!

Took citrizine thismorning which didn't help, took benadryl an hour or two ago which didn't help either.

So thisafternoon went and bought peppermint tea - was going to find nettle but couldn't find any! Nettle is a h2 blocker, peppermint is a h1 blocker. After I got home and started drinking that I thought I might as well take some quercitin to stabilise my mast cells, I expect the mast cells are what have gone bananas with the anti biotics. 30 minutes or so after that combo things have calmed down and I can feel cool air on my pockets...again. So I will keep necking peppermint tea to keep things calmed down. Quercitin gives me stomach upset, so I'll take that in lesser doses.

Pharmacy I went to were pretty useless in terms of offering me anything worthit. Just imagine if they sold solgar quercitin tablets combined with nettle and peppermint tea....told the customer to pour the quercitin into the tea. I mean.... people would be raving.

The infection seems a lot better since the anti biotic yesterday, I can't feel any exudate in my throat now, in fact I can primarily only feel very slight pressure in the throat and hives. I'm taking Lauricidin every 2 hours, a brand new batch just arrived. I am convinced factory fresh lauricidin is more potent than 3 month old stuff, so we will see!
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