Day 51 - Dose 1

I definitely felt better after the 300mg clindamycin I took yesterday. The allergic reaction however is still persisting today, although possibly less severely than the day before. I also have a drug based reaction rash on my skin which is fairly nasty but not as bad as last year.

Currently I am just breathless, eyes are itchy, lips are swollen and feel a bit chapped, throat feels itchy with hives, oral allergies to fruit and veg are way worse than they normally are like x 100. I am sure it will pass but it's very frustrating.

I feel like the bacteria in my throat have already shifted twice after having two coughing fits, one yesterday and one thismorning. I am just waiting to take more monolaurin. I am going to be taking the mch higher dose of 15g a day, to try and dislodge and kill the last of the bacteria. Hopefully this doesn't make me worse.

I've also become pretty dizzy, but I figure this could also be something to do with histamine or loss of good bacteria? My probiotic will hopefully solve this issue.

So currently still on the protocol, I'll take the monolaurin every 2 hours and hopefully that will get rid of the last of this infection and then I can start to feel better.

I fell asleep at 7.30 last night and slept through. So not sure why that was, probably the anti biotics.
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