Day 5

Almost a week on this protocol.

Since starting the reishi I've had a little gastric upset and I don't think I've felt as "well" in the evenings. Tonight I feel pretty sick, not nauseous just flu'y and I have a headache, plus feel physically weaker. While part of me wants to discontinue the protocol here as I haven't felt like this for awhile, I have to hope it's actually a good thing and not making me sick in a bad way.

I'm on 2000mg oat bran 3x a day, 980mg reishi and lions mane 3x a day. So a fair but of beta glucans, triterpenes and whatever else is in there for the immune response/anti viral action. Personally I wasn't aware that triterpenes even had an anti viral response against hhv1, 2, 6 or 7. But apparently it does. Head pressure has definitely come back tonight essentially.

My sore throat has definitely gone for now, which does feel like a plus. And my mouth isn't as dry as it was the previous day - rather glad about this one! As it's a real pain in the ass.

I also think the increased NAC dose might have thrown me off a tad, there's debates about NAC being tricky as it can mobilise mercury deposits into the brain, where they end up staying until sufficiently chelated or disposed of. While I don't really buy into mercury toxicity, we all take so many things, it's quite feasible mercury could be mobilised. However a blood serum test for mercury is about £115 privately, so I can get that to check it.

It's also possibly this is just an immune response kicking in finally and that's why I feel "off". Which is a good thing, but I am just a little concerned that there might not be enough triterpenes going round my body to actually kill the viruses.

Nothing else to report today, not seeing any gains yet, my energy levels are actually worse than they were a week ago. But I'll see how I feel in another week of this.


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