Day 49 - Dose 1

New green tea extract is very easily tolerated and seems to be having a decent effect. Although I am taking extra thiamine and p5p while I get rid of this virus that I've got.

Even so I took a whole green tea tablet thismorning and felt like I got the benefit. Although it won't be clear what the full benefit is for a few days. But I don't feel high and I don't feel sick or anxious like I did with the Lindens whole tablet experiment and the Life extension whole tablet experiment.

So the new brand is by and comes from China. While it might not be as pure and I can't exactly know the polyphenols or egcg count is decent I would assume because it's a pretty simple thing to extract that it's ok. No way to know without mass spectrometry.

I do also think I'm starting to feel a lot better but I've still got an energy drain and feel lethargic with neck inflamation. Until that goes I don't think I'll be anywhere close to proper recovery.
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Take a look at the PeakSupps Green Tea extract powder. They sell it in as little as 100g amounts and up to 1Kg. The 100g is only £3.99 with free delivery. It is very strong having 40% polyphenol content so you do need to be careful with it. Some people have experienced severe liver problems by taking Green Tea but whether they had liver problems already or whether something else contributed to the problems is unknown.

I have been using their Green Tea extract for quite a long time for it's antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.

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