Day 47 - Dose 2

I am keeping up with the Lauricidin today which is producing quite a strong immune response (didn't we once call these herxes?) anyway my jaw bone and jaw itself is so weak at the moment. I've definitely got viral material knawing at the back of it, believe what you will but I'm convinced of it! It's probably just the ligaments and muscles that are weak but you think eating 150g of protein a day and taking everything that I do take, this sort of thing would be gone. Maybe I should take some bcaa's tomorrow for extra "nutrition".

Hopefully I am not mineral defienct, but I doubt it considering what I am eating, plus my diet macros and nutrient levels are pretty amazing these days! ha!

I am also still getting an immune response from the main protocol. Which of course is meant to be a good thing.

Lots of phlegm and congestion at the back of throat, has been that way for 2 weeks but forgot to mention it. Its much worse after a dose, so it's very much immune driven. Lymph nodes are more swollen than they were too. While I feel like I have gone backwards slightly I am just bracing myself that it will all be fine and that ultimately I need to "hang in there" for the clouds to part some time in the future.

I didn't feel too great thismorning when I woke up, pretty rough and my throat was extremely dry (but this was driven by an immune response from Lauricidin and vitamin c/glycine taken much later than I would normally take it). I also think this is a good sign on the whole, I just need to wait for my tissues to clear what I think is ebv. EBV is after all the hardest thing to get rid of, so it makes sense to me that that's what I am dealing with.

I am holding at 70% hummingbird now, able to go out every day or every other day. But still spending all weekend in bed and I would spend my evenings in bed if I had it my own way. But as I am not single I end up on the sofa watching tv!

Anyway hoping the immune response is still strong enough to truly clear the viruses out.
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Thank you! I just read you want to take the Lauricidin away.
First, i also have EBV and take 9000 - 15000 mg Monolaurin per day. You are right it hits the appetite, but it kills the EBV quite good. Im on a similar Supplement protocol (nac,ralpha,reishi protein shake). I stopped Lauricidin a lot of times cause it hits the stomach quite bad , but i feel a lot worse if i dont take it. The other Supps are not strong enough in inhibiting EBV. (Just my opinion)
Oh cool really?! I didn't even know if 15k per day was ok or not. Right that makes so much more sense now about the appetite. Thank you!

Yeah my stomachs ok apart from the appetite problems.

Like you I am not 100% convinced anything else works for ebv. But the protocol I'm on seems to be interacting with the Lauricidin. I don't really know what's going on.

Ebv is a nightmare. When I removed the Lauricidin the swelling in my neck seemed to worsen I noticed.
Very quick question by the way @DrUniverse - what brand of reishi do you take?

Someone I know just got a load of mass spectrometry back on reishi supplements, he tested 4 brands and only one brand was any good. It seems like 75% of the supplements out there are lying about what's actually in them. I'm taking the life extension reishi brand, which has 3 or 4 of the acids mentioned inc triterpenes at high levels.
Yeah Stomach only a little in trouble if you take 9g at once :D
If you have the pellets try one in the mouth ,it will burn quite strong (this is why it kills virus)

Some supplements might interact ,but understanding the biochemical mechanism is nearly impossible .

My aim is taking Lauricidin till the day my antibodies are normal again. I heard from people who achived this.

And yes EBV a true nightmare.
haha so you know I said it was fine? I just reaped the whirlwind on that comment...woops ;p 9g certainly is evacuative!

Yes it tastes like washing up liquid, disgusting.

haha your smart, yes it is impossible.

So how long have you been taking it for? It seems to be reducing the swelling far far better than the reishi and beta glucans. I just took nearly 2g lions mane and reishi and it didn't do much. So looks like more lauricidin for the time being :/
Interesting, well if you're taking this, it's superior to LFE then. We got some mass spectrometry done recently and life extension came out on top. (for triterpenes and other acids).

I wonder waht this brand you've linked me is like. I will have to go check it out, might need to buy some.
Yeah so checked it. Life extension got 6% triterpenes.
Nice with the mass spectrometry. Thats some cool stufd.
So if the LFE Reishi was the best, in comparsion to the one i mentioned its still a joke.
On the link there is a certificate of Analysis where it even says 20.4% Triterpenes.

Haha 9g Lauricidin quite evacuative:D

I stopped Lauricidin like 10 times because I got better, but then the ebv replicated a lot again. So im on my 5 day of at least 9g. Doing quite good lot of herx. But after a lot of water it gets better :)
And in additon 2g Reishi is nearly nothing for the body way too low. At least 3 x 2g per day (Only my opinion ,dont want to get striked for medical advise) :)
Ah interesting! Yeah it's worth a shot!

3x2? Wow that would cost £200 a month in life extension prices. 3x1 I can do though. But I think your right. It's not enough.

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