Day 46

Night 45

I am definitely sleeping better now than I was, but I am sleeping longer and fairly shattered before I go to bed. While that isn't really an issue I am not waking up refreshed like I was pre jab anymore, and that's the definitive difference really.

Day 46

I can still do more than I could before I started the protocol. I've definitely gone up 10% on the hummingbird scale from 60 to 70%. While the scale doesn't account for me being housebound and only going out once a fortnight with low extertional tolerance, it did account for my work and my ability to stay awake in the day.

I'm hoping to get back to 80% as I was pre jab in the next month. I do seem to be making progress but it's very slow.

After hoovering, cleaning both bathrooms inc shower, going out at lunchtime and doing some tidying in the house yesterday my PEM was buffered thismorning to about 80% and I haven't crashed. So that's a big contrast to the usual. I do think it's primarily driven by the andrographolide though this time, not the EGCG. @Mary is probably the only other person I know on PR who's had success using andrographis paniculata to help with energy levels and PEM management. While it works for me I find it dries my body out quite badly and this can be in turn fairly bad for my teeth and gums. Long story short I couldn't tolerate andro pre protocol anymore, but with the protocol I can.

My immune response when taking a dose of the protocol has calmed down a lot, I've been having fairly severe immune responses after every dose for 2 weeks. It's now much milder and back to where it was pre covid jab (so something like day 5). I reckon in another 2 weeks at this level of immune response I might end up significantly better and with a lot more energy. But that's only if the gdh hypothesis is correct and suppressing the lytic viral particles in the blood and nearby tissues is enough to raise energy levels and ameliorate symptoms. Which it may not be.

I'll be getting my autoimmune panel next week so that should be interesting!
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