Day 46 - Dose 4

Energy levels are still good but still suffering with throat and lymph swelling. I must admit this could be nothing more than an immune response at this point, when it goes on for longer than 2 weeks though I am inclined to think of the worst.

Even so I may ring the doctor and try to get some more bloods taken. Especially a mono test to see if I have high active titers.

Hopefully the new EGCG for experimentation will arrive tomorrow.

I've discontinued the ParActin for now because it was just making me anxious and angry (I think). I hate these side effects, they are really horrible. I do think I'll take the Lauricidin though, no real side effects with that one!

The more time goes on the more I think this is glandular fever. I've got all the same symptoms. The fatigue is very similar and nothing seems to touch it. The glucan and triterpene combo interestingly does reduce it by say a small amount every day. But potency wise it's not that hard hitting. Which is making me wonder if higher doses are required early on for the protocol to work on ME patients.

What does work and has always worked for ebv for me is Lauricidin. So I'll go back on that 3x a day. As the side effects are usually minimal.
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