Day 45

Today I woke up with a much better throat, wasn't really sore anymore and it wasn't very dry either. My voice has also improved.

Yesterday I started taking ParActin 50% andrographolide 3x a day, I am convinced this is what's done the trick. I also added 1000mg of whole leaf and today 2000mg of whole leaf split into two seperate doses.

I won't take anymore whole leaf but I will be finishing the ParActin bag. I've had a fairly strong immune reaction both times I've taken it, but far less so today, so I haven't a clue what pathogen it is most potent against but it's certainly wrong stuff! It really dries me out though which I hate, so be glad to stop taking it.

So today the andrographis has stimulated my immune system giving me quite a lot of energy. I've been out, hoovered and cleaned the bathroom and shower. If this sounds surprising, I've been here before, andrographis has done this for me in the summer months multiple times in the past. It lasts a few weeks at a time (while taking it) and the effects last about 1-2 weeks after discontinuation. I have no idea what the mode of action is, I assume it's pathogens but as it's also a calcium channel blocker, acidity regulator, anti bacterial and a h2 blocker, god knows what the mode of action is!

Also most things is not reliable. If you were to take it 4 x over a 12 month period with breaks, you would find it might only work twice. What I mean is, you can gain 10% on the hummingbird scale by taking andrographis but you won't end up better off when you then start taking it again. If you're still at this higher level, you'll remain there even after taking a break and re-dosing at max dosage with the herb.
Long story short it is not a cure for ME.

This is why I find josh's egcg and gdh interesting, because it is meant to inhibit GDH, which seemingly it was for me the last 2 weeks before the jab (to clarify this blocked my PEM at the right dose). I am semi convinced that since I started using the new egcg batch which is pink and a bit claggy (chunky), the effect has been nowhere near as pronounced as it used to be it's probably buffering PEM at say 40% - that's still pretty good! But you do get an adjunctive effect from most of the things I am taking.

So that's the update for today, waiting for new egcg to arrive, I might still be making progress currently on the viral front, but it's taking ages to clear the current infection from my tissues, the glands just below my ears in between the ear and throat are swollen and have been for about 2 weeks. The occipital nodes are a little swollen too. So I still think there's latitude there for symptom amelioration - but overall I need more than that to fully block the PEM - hence why I am hoping egcg experiments will help.
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