Day 44

I am more or less convinced now that post covid jab (2nd jab) I have a new infection, what I mean is that I either got strep 2 weeks ago or my ebv reactivated in a flare. Either way something that I wasn't dealing with when I first used hte protocol has now appeared and I get the feeling the protocol isn't working very well on this particular bug/virus.

I took a lot of Lauricidin to get rid of the acute symptoms and I felt better, but I feel like that hasn't been enough to totally clear whatever was making me ill. I felt like the Lauricidin was making me feel a bit sick as well so that's why I stopped it.

What I've done today is take 1 pukka andrographis capsule and I've just taken 3 paractin capsules. The paractin capsules means I get 450mg of andrographolide and the andrographis capsule gives me another 50mg andrographolide. I am still not entirely certain if the positive anti viral and anti parasitic/bacterial effects of andrographis come from the whole leaf extract or the andrographolide. I am completely unsure on this front and have been for a very long time. It was my belief that if I took andrographolide I'd get all the positive effects with fewer side effects. But this wasn't really been the case in the past. Whereas when I take the whole leaf extract I get all the benefits but with the side effects.

Anyway the reason I am doing this is two fold....firstly I think ME is probably made up of multiple pathogens all competing in the body to tkae hold, get rid of one and another is probably likely to rear its head, at least in the early days of any given treatment. Secondly last time I was on the protocol I took 1000mg of andrographis pukka whole leaf extract and had an amelioration of all swelling in my neck (at the time) and seemingly this didn't return int he days after that single dose.
For years I noticed that the first andrographis dose is highly anti inflamatory compared to all subsequent doses unless you take a 2-3 week break. So that first dose appears to have a dramatic anti inflamatory effect, maybe it just shifts a lot of gunk in one go and the tissues remain in a balanced state thereafter.

Either way my paractin experiments have been rather underwhelming and the results pretty poor.

My voice box is very hoarse, I have fatigue in my legs, chest tightness, air hunger and asthma. Many of these symptoms I thought were allergies, to be honest I just think they are symptoms of pharyngitis. I do have the lower neck ache and central throat swelling (albeit mild) that would go along with this, so it makes sense. Why my body hasn't clear this on the beta glucans and triterpenes - well my guess is they are not potent enough to clear this, so I am therefore doing my own experiments off protocol to see if I can shift it.

After 20 to 30 minutes from the combined andrographis doses above, I certainly feel quite dizzy, my mouth became very dry with the first whole leaf extract dose (but that's probably not relevant as andrographis dries the whole body out) and I felt a slight cessation of inflamation in my tissues. I have to say painkillers are pretty useless compared to andrographis for reducing immune activation pain, it's also an auto immune safe herb. But it has plenty of side effects, hunger pains, sometimes headaches and a few others.

So I'll see how this goes and where it gets me!
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