Day 42 - Dose 1

Night 41

Slept ok, my sleeps been pretty good the last week I would say and I haven't taken any melatonin or 5-htp on two seperate occasions. I am still wondering if my t cells, b cells, nk cells or white blood cells might have gone "low" in the last week fighting this infection that I had, that or I have had a huge ebv flare and until I get that under control I will be pretty wiped out most of the time. I am so knocked out by ebv (I think the titers might be high as I have symptoms of ebv, nerve swelling primarily at the moment in the Ear Nose Throat) - or by by immune response, that honestly sleeping and only waking once or twice. But when I wake I feel extremely tired with fatigue or just very tired. This morning I woke up however and felt ok and I only got 9-10 hours sleep (this week an extra hour or two has been needed where possible!), I also felt better after taking my egcg so I think I might be starting to trend in the right direction again. I had chatted to a family member for hours yesterday and all I felt was very tired afterwards, no real symptoms, I think this just shows how far I've come. Normally this would have floored me and given me PEM but also my head would have swollen very badly from the exertion of conversation. So quite a contrast!

Day 42 Dose 1

Current protocol dosings:

   Product              Dosage        
------------ -------------------------
  Glycine        5g 4x a day          
  Choline        150mg 3x a day        
  NAC            600mg 3x a day        
  Panth Acid     150mg 3x a day        
  Reishi         980mg 3x a day        
  Lions Mane     0mg 3x a day          
  R-ALA          250mg 3x aday        
  Oat Bran       1 tsp 3x a day        
  EGCG           154mg/154mg/120mg/0mg
  Vitamin E      400IU once a day      
  Probiotic      1 capsule once a day  
  B complex      1 capsule once a day
I just need to explain a bit about the EGCG. I bought 2 bags of Lindens Green Tea Extract and I have been using bag 1 for about 4 weeks. I got to the end of that and opened bag 2. Bag 2 I've used for about 4 days. So as it turns out bag 1 and 2 look completely different. Bag 1 is a fine dark brown powder, bag 2 is a pinkish clumpy almost clay like powder. I assumed bag 2 would be fine, but it seemed to not be as potent as bag 1 (I think!) and I seemed to be having an allergic reaction to it.

So yesterday I weighed 2 doses of the life extension mega green tea extract. 154mg and then 75mg lunchtime and evening. The 154mg dose blew my head off and I ended up high as a kite for hours, although while I expected to crash from this dose I didn't, but I also felt pretty unwell on it and very high. I hate feeling like this so certainly won't be taking it again! But I did think to myself, I wonder if taking a more potent green tea extract will stop my allergic reaction to the other green tea extract?

So the lindens brand is a 20:1 extract non standardised whereas the life extension green tea is decaff standardised to 98% polyphenols. So it's likely the life extension is simply better because each capsule contains precisely the right amount of egcg and life extension just have better manufacturing processes.

Suffice to say after taking the first dose of bag 2 today I feel ok and haven't had any allergic reactions yet. These included red rash on back of hands, asthma, air hunger, sore throat.

So I have ordered another bag! Bag 3! Of the lindens, which is arriving today. It will be interesting to see what this looks like.

If my brain wasn't functioning 100% all these experiments would no doubt be beyond me. I still cannot fathom how anyone severe would be able to follow this protocol considering all the experiments in egcg dosing required.

Also the different brands of almost everything have different issues. Take the green tea above, but also take the reishi, it seems none of the marketplace brands sell good reishi. If only we had a philanthropist amongst us who could do a selection of mass spectrometry tests on 10 different brands of reishi, r-ala, NAC and lions mane to deduce the best ones. Shame it costs over £2000 a pop.
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