Day 41 (dose 2)

So last week I opened my new packet of egcg! Only to find that the inside of the capsules inside of a dark fine powder was a lumpy pink powder if you can call it powder. I thought ok well I'll give it a try!

So I must have been taking it for 4 days. But I noticed my asthma (initially thought it was air hunger) and my throat were sore of on fire. I also had an allergic reaction on the back of my hands today. Which I thought was due to the resihi. Now I think it could just be the egcg in the new batch.

So I'm attempting to take the old egcg (life extension brand) this is the one that made my throw up weeks ago. With this one however even though I have nausea and feel a little shaky (prob the nausea) there's no asthma no allergic reaction.

Which makes me wonder what the hell is in my second Linden's green tea batch.

I may have to buy another egcg brand just to get away from these dodgy ones! Assuming I can't get over the nausea for the lfe one.


It just looks like it's clumped together - more like soft clay, less like powder. So more moister maybe than there should be...?

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