Day 40 dose 2

Quick update while I'm enduring whatever this is it might be a crash I'm not sure. I've been advised to take glycine and benzoate in small amounts every hour to try and clear any backlog in my system. But other than that while a reishi crash is expected after 4 days (but I didn't experience this the first time) in my case I seemed to crash later than that which didn't make much sense. However there was only +/- 1 to 2 days in it. So it's quite possible I crashed on the reishi. Which is expected on this protocol.

With all that said I wanted to recap my symptoms.
  • Symptoms still gone:
  • Sore throat (apart from the 3 day blip)
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Cranial cervical junction inflamation
  • Occipital lymph node swelling
  • Oral wound healing much better
  • I haven't had one ulcer in 5 weeks which for me is a record of late!
  • Gum health much better
  • Neurologically I feel pretty sharp, and my brain swelling is much reduced.

What's got worse since the 2nd covid jab
  • Initial flare of neck symptoms but this has disappeared with reishi and lion's mane combo
  • Physical fatigue has weirdly come back but over about 5 or 6 days, I still don't really know what triggered it.
  • Some mental fatigue.
  • Air hunger came back this week
  • Non regular cough
  • Loss of appetite
3 day flare saturday to monday:
  • swollen glands of the ear nose and throat + neck
  • lymph nodes very swollen and thick in throat
  • tonsils swollen/throat red raw
  • Slight nausea
I do feel very crashy at the moment, suspect it is due to a variety of things. The exercise on the Sunday, which I should have just cancelled to be honest but I never get to do anything so I wanted to for a change. Plus afterwards I didn't crash (just felt very tired) and I didn't crash the next day either, but on the Tuesday morning I really felt pretty shit. Combined with the immune response from the covid jab and the fact my immune system is already busy with that. And the fact that I had some sort of issue with my throat which I think also included some bacterial infection. All in all I'm surprised I am as functional as I am with that in mind.
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