Day 4 of protocol

Overall my immune response continues to be mild but lasts a few hours after dosing. My sore throat has gone again, which for me is great because I just hate the symptom! However I'm now battling a very dry mouth, I get this when my immune system is busy (when I get a cold). So I would say for me personally it's a good sign. But I'm not getting excited. Brain fog is a lot better and energy levels are much more stable I would say, especially when working, which is where I Feel it the most. PEM is very low, but haven't tested this to the limits yet. Had no PEM at all a few days ago after excercise, which was impressive without PEM buffers. I am still taking 300mg thiamine a day though and this blocked my PEM 80% by itself. My skins also become very itchy since I started the protocol, which has happened before when taking tinctures and traditional remedies, much less an allergic reaction it can also be something else I think.

Sleep is still not fantastic, slept very badly last night. My audio sensory over stimulation seems worse if anything at night, this has been my worst symptom with ME for sleep. I wake up to the smallest sound and it disappeared taking high dose thiamine, but now it's back. But it's very early days currently, I am not expecting to feel any dramatic results for another 9 days (this is due to having had fantastic results with other traditional medicine protocols in 2019 after 2 weeks). I didn't post about this traditional medicine protocol I created myself on PR because I realised a few months after that it wasn't a cure so didn't see the point.

However since I had EBV last year and was in and out of hospital I just cannot get rid of the inflammation in my brain and at the back of my head + declining health which since I started probiotics, thiamine and now Josh's protocol has basically stopped. I'm no longer declining but not exactly seeing gains every day either, so as I said still early.

Today I thought I felt briefly as if something was clearing from my outer head/brain, whilst this sounds odd I've experienced it before and see it as a major plus. But I would like to feel it again so I know it's not just my imagination.

I'm now taking 980mg reishi LFE, 980mg lions mane TIME and 2000mg oat bran 3x a day. I also increased the cysteine to 1000mg. Cannot believe I can tolerate 3000mg cysteine a day. That in itself feels amazing. If the inflammation is truly clearing and immune response is working, I think I may continue to make gains every week, we will see.

quick update: When I wrote the above I hadn't actually got up from my chair since my last dose. Since getting up I do feel a bit dizzy, not severely just a little. But I think that combined with a very dry mouth is a sign of immune response. So interesting times potentially!


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