Day 38 - Dose 4

Still on the protocol at 125mg egcg followed by everything else. I did a little summary of what I'm taking on Hip's ME recovery thread recently. On the whole I think my ME symptoms are still in check to be honest, even though I've got fatigued it's localised to my legs whereas with ME fatigue it was basically everywhere, and all muscles would tire on exertion. Whereas it's primarily my legs that are useless at the moment, the rest of me including my brain seems ok.

I did stop taking Lauricidin today but noticed that this just made me feel like sh** all day. Sickness, legs very very weak, and generally very drained. So I started Lauricidin again thisevening and I've got a low temperature now, quite a bit of phlegm in the back of my throat and I have more energy (I assume the energy comes from bacterial clearance from the body but I can't be sure) and am able to hold a conversation. So I reckon I'll be dosing 9000mg for the next week or so to get rid of the infection, candida or strep or whatever it is. Saying all that I am sneezing (which is not due to hay fever) and my voice is very hoarse and deep and I have a cough, so that sounds more like a virus of some sort than bacterial. My bet is it's a bit of both.

In June 2020 I had acute ebv while also suffering from a very bad bacterial throat infection (I think that was strep, the NHS never did a culture test even in A&E). What I found out was that normally for me at least if I get a bacterial infection ebv normally starts to run amock, so I suspect that the protocol is keeping the ebv at bay and the Lauricidin is killing the bacteria. It's taken about 2 years of experiments to find something that kills bacteria.

I tried the following without potency or overall effect:
Cleavers tincture
Black Walnut tincture
Echinecia Augustifolia tincture
Andrographis Paniculata powdered extract
Colliodal Silver
Japanese Knotweed

Bottom line is that none of these worked, but one of my other experiments was with Lauricidin and this has worked for 3 separate infections, two of which were thrush and the current one which I am not sure about. So I am therefore convinced it works. For a long time I was really annoyed I couldn't find anything for bacterial infections, so I am pretty thrilled I finally did.

However long term Lauricidin use seems to also kill good bacteria, I noticed this after my last 2-3 week cleardown brought on acute nausea and stomach pain and whenever I ate anything my stomach felt like it was burning. Probiotics fixed this within 3 doses.
Also in Sept 2020 it gave me a rash on both under arms which presented as an erythsmasma rash and didn't respond to any kind of treatment from my doctor. Eventually I discontinued the Lauricidin (which I was taking at the time to lower ebv levels and give me a mental boost as I was struggling at work) and the rash disappeared.

So long term use of Lauricidin for ME appears to be contradicted at least for me, but short term (up to 2 weeks) appears to be an ok length of time to clear down nasty infections.

Hopefully I'll start to feel better in a few days and will have some strength back by the weekend.

Also this is day 10 of my covid jab (2nd) so I think my body is probably weaker currently than it would be anyway.

The protocol is definitely helping to keep me strong and prevent my ME from flaring right now.
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