Day 37 - Dose 4

Taken quite a lot of Lauricidin today trying to get rid of what I feel like is a strep throat infection. I do feel loads better tonight but my legs are not in the best way. It feels like quite bad fatigue if I'm honest. But as I've still not got rid of the suspected strep that might be giving me the fatigue.

I'm going to take a lateral flow test tonight as well so I can rule out covid. As the new strain apparently resembles a cold with no cough or loss of taste and smell.

Also this is only the second week of the covid jab so I can't be sure if there's anything going on under the surface with my immune system. I'm also hoping that my overall protection hasn't dropped because of this.

I'll keep you all posted on how I get on tomorrow.

I'm still taking everything on the protocol outlined in my last post. No change there
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You probably don't have any (so don't go buying some just on this recommendation) but if you have some thymus grandular you can open the capsule and mix it with some vitamin c powder and a small amount of water, gargle and swallow. It really helps to numb the throat as well as heal it quickly.
Really? Interesting I didn't know that! The throat is a very odd area. Hard to heal after trauma that's for sure.

I seem to have got a cough tonight which seemingly bodes well for it not being strep. Hopefully tonsils will feel a lot better tomorrow. Of course this could also be ebv. Not sure how but it could be.

I'll look into the thymus. Thanks @Judee :)

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