Day 36

Lions mane 980mg + Reishi 980mg starting today Day 36 + 125mg egcg - no oat bran currently

Night 35:

200mg egcg sat and sun seemed to help a lot with energy and PEM. But while I don't have any muscle fatigue I am pretty spaced out and disorientated. But that might be the covid jab or the fact that I haven't been taking any of the reishi.

Day 36 Dose 1:

Felt a lot dizzier and more out of it after the immune herbs than I did before I took them (Lions mane 980mg + Reishi 980mg starting today Day 36) . On the whole still feel pretty whacked today, but I did a lot this weekend so I am not exactly surprised. Concentration also went out the window once I took the immune herbs. Will see how I get on.
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