Day 35 - Dose 1 (+Night 34)

Night 34:

Slept pretty well. Took melatonin 1.5mg, 200mg 5-htp, 100mg magnesium, 25mg nytol, 200mg magnolia bark extract (tolerance builds quickly with this stuff so it's a once a week thing).

But started with a sore throat and a pretty blocked nose about 4am. However this could just be related to the pollen count which is very high currently. But it might not be? No way for me to know.

My muscle pain resolved with some paracetamol last night before bed. Haven't got any since waking. I wouldn't say I have PEM thismorning, it's more I feel like I've been beaten up or been on a night out and you wake up the next day dehydrated, sore throat, feeling like you have a cold. My muscles feel very tired today, even though I didn't actually walk anywhere or anything yesterday. But that's how they feel. So 200mg egcg doesn't appear to have fully blocked the PEM like it did before long story short, but to be honest I am convinced this is due to the lions mane as it was blocking PEM reliably before I started back on it.

Day 35 - Dose 1

So I've taken my first dose, glycine, nac, pathothenic acid, probiotic, yoghurt + 20 minutes later the egcg, lions mane, omega 3, b complex, zinc, etc. I also had my usual breakfast with 35g of protein and 24g carbs, a little fat. So hoping that will give me a pep up, when I add in my 50-60g protein for breakfast as well. Overall though the protein isn't doing much, it's helping but the heavy lifting is being done by the R-ALA, EGCG and seemingly the glycine and nac are also helping a lot too. That is to lower inflammation, block or buffer PEM, lower ROS and have their anti oxidant effects.

Going out about 3pm to try and do some wild swimming, won't be doing much though as I am fairly sure it will be too much. But a paddle and floating on some water might be good for the soul even if I can't tolerate a swim.
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