Day 34 - Dose 3 + current diet

Did quite a lot today, took 200mg egcg to attempt to block the PEM.

I've got some muscle pain in my upper thigh, due to not taking lions mane for about 10 days I'm convinced this is caused by the re-introduction of the beta glucans and seemingly there's something in those muscles that my body wants to get rid of.

All in all 200mg today seemed to do the trick, I also took another 200mg R-ALA (life extension) before I went out, but I won't really know until the morning if it blocked PEM or not. I do feel a little wired though so I hope I can sleep well again. On Monday I'll be taking 125mg egcg again, or 154 just to make my brain and body function a bit easier.

Didn't do too much today unpurpose but socialised for about 2-3 hours which didn't bring on PEM or inflammation. Just slight dizziness but nothing too bad. I did briefly feel not too great, but this seemed to pass an hour later. Which is odd as this never ever happened pre protocol.

Got a busier exertional day tomorrow, might be too much for me but even if it is I'll just spend the week recovering - thankfully I am still working remotely and don't have to go into an office. This might prove to be a bad idea in practice!! But I'm vaguely familiar with this new exertional tolerance envelope. But it will take time to fully become acquainted with!

I don't expect to start exercise again for a few weeks and don't expect to feel any of the effects of remission (or pre-remission (can exercise without PEM)) for about 2-4 weeks.

My current diet I know @Judee wanted a run down too :D the bulk of the protein intake comes from whey protein isolate, it's still gluten, dairy, egg, caffeine, etc, free.




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