Day 33 - Dose 1

Slept ok last night but the heat was really bad! Eek. Hopefully more sleep tonight. I've got 7 to 8 hours sleep the last 7 days where normally I would get 10 to 11. So that's another big change.

If I'm reading the above correctly it seems like beta glucans are safe to take with the covid vaccine. They might even make the vaccine work better! My initial instincts were that this would be the case but I decided to stop them 6 days a go because I was feeling horrid from the jab and didn't want to cause any issues after I took it.

I'll go back on the reishi in about a week with this in mind. I might titrate up to give my body a chance to re acclimatise.

This is what Day 33 looks like:



Yes the dark colour is a blank dose. So it's not required. Pink is usually where the dose goes unless I've made a change to it. Forskolin was an experiment but tbh as the core protocol works I don't actually see much point adding another thing in really.

Also the lola powder that I bought was l arginine l orthinine. Lola powder is made up of another two amino acids but not these ones. Arginine doesn't do me any good nor does l glutamine. Chest pain, irritability, anger and mood issues.

I was having real difficulty finding a lola powder link in the UK. But I think I've got one now
So when you have a chance, could you also give an idea of what your daily diet looks like? No rush.
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