Day 32

I feel pretty good at the moment, better than I expected actually as I appear to have recovered from the az vaccine I had 7 days ago. I seem to be back to normal now in terms of immune response and fatigue has basically improved to the point where (today) I haven't felt any.

The only thing I did differently today was take another 100mg thiamine hcl and 50mg p5p. But that's literally it. I took this to give myself a boost in circulation (blood vessel dilation) and cell energy (p5p) so that until I'm back on the reishi and lions mane I can keep the symptom picture from regressing. Basically I don't want it to get really bad because I've been off things for 2 weeks, so you could call it e temporary buffer.

I reckon I'll start Lions Mane on Sunday or Monday with oat bran and then wait a week and go back up to full dose on everything.

I've also purchase some more Life Extension R-ALA as that stuff really has helped me massively with ROS (manifesting as inflammation in the neck and body in general).

So I am still very cautiously optimistic at the moment. I feel much calmer and steadier on 125mg egcg, so I reckon this is the dose I will remain at as hyperactivity from a mental health perspective is a side effect I really hate. If these improvements last out of the summer months and into September and December that will be quite frankly amazing and for me something I've never experienced with all my experiments.

I guess part of me is expecting that I will just end up with things "not working" or "stopping working". I think 3 months will probably be a good barometer for whether this is going to happen or not.
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