Day 30 - Dose 3

I still can't believe how all my strength has returned in my hands arms and body through seemingly just taking the protocol. This surely reaffirms that deconditioning is total bull**** in ME and that if you can switch things back to normal, even if that is via the Davis route or the Navaiux route, or even on the back of Prusty's work - your body seemingly stabilises fairly quickly.

I guess diet could play a part but I have taken high protein diets in 2018 and 2019 and noticed an uptick in energy but not in strength - that was still pretty elusive until this protocol.

I think my strength began to diminish and significantly weaken when I noticed muscle spasms and twitching after exertion (way outside my envelope - I was taking reishi/shittaki and maitakki Pukka branded capsules at the time for PEM buffering and BCAA's). But ultimately things got out of whack and I deteriorated over the 2 years (to the current present day).

Not much to report on the protocol side. Reduced EGCG dose to 125mg/125mg/75mg/0mg to try to allow for deeper sleep. So far this appears to be working. I titrated down from 200mg to 154mg to 125mg over about 4 days. So hopefully 125 will still give me the benefits until I can start taking the reishi and lions mane again.

I am also debating buying a new brand of oat bran from Holland and Barrett that has a certified beta glucan content as opposed to the cheap 1kg bag I have.

I also experimented taking some LOLA capsules 2g x 2 yesterday for what felt like general immune activation and inflamation from the covid vaccine. Took some nytol to knock myself out last night, also drank a cup of strong peppermint tea about 7pm and slept much better. Will be drinking the tea again tonight I think.

So I'll keep you appraised on how I get on with the EGCG new doses, but I am highly likely to go back up to 154mg once I get back on the reishi and lions mane.


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