Day 3 of protocol

Day 3 today, I managed to get access the the genova diagnostics test for europe for a brand new OAT test, so that was really good. You need a practioner to do this, thankfully I found a lady who's not going to charge me. So on day 7 I will take the OAT and see what results I get.

Some things to note. I am convinced I'm having an allergic reaction to the EGCG, as my asthma isn't too great and it only starts after I begin the second dose of the day. I removed the benzoate in case it was that as I am not having any headaches anymore so I don't really need to take it. As benzoate reduces nitric oxide levels in the brain in this protocol, which is responsible for the headaches we feel. If you take nitric oxide sublingual tablets, you get a whopping killer headache that lasts about 24 hours. This is because it rapidly increases nitric oxide levels in the brain.

At any rate I am feeling pretty good. Concentrating has improved and brain fog is better. I might even go as far as saying that my brain inflamation might be going down, but can't be sure on this yet.

Slightly concerned about the EGCG. I did google other glutamate dehydroganese inhibitors to replace the EGCG but came up short, mostly chemical compound names I didn't recognise. At any rate my brain is functioning well and even after exertion I'm not crashing. I even made dinner two nights on the trot! The last few months my gf has taken over the cooking duties as I have been too energy low to actually concentrate resulting in not the nicest meals!

I've also been able to tidy up and do a few odd jobs without flagging afterwards. I don't feel as high as I did on day 2 which is really good. The lions mane will arrive shortly and I bought the new LPE reishi extract as mentioned as Josh recommends this.

It does appear the total cost of this protocol per month in the UK appears to be somewhere between £180 and £250. So not cheap :/ It could even bf £300 when you factor in quantities needed.

Lymph nodes are still swollen, at both the occipital, posterior and within the throat and neck. Also pressure on the lymph just behind the ear. Other than that I have the sore throat, asthma and slight dizziness/disorientation for an hour after dosing. But haven't had any muscle fatigue for about 12 hours. Felt pretty good when I got up thismorning.


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