Day 29 - Dose 2 (Protocol v3.2)

200, 157, 75, 0
Lions Mane: 0
Reishi: 0
Oat bran: 0

Slept ok last night, actually woke up without being wide awake, but then 20 minutes later I was wide awake haha! Even so my sleep was a bit deeper which felt really good. Suspect this may be because I took the b vitamin complex out yesterday. So I'll remove it for a week and see how I go with my sleep.

As for the covid jab side effects, still got neck and head pressure/lymph node swelling, plus I am now sneezing and dizzy. All to be expected. This astra zeneca vaccine jab study shows the lymphocytes that get turned on over a 4 week immunisation period post jab, I found it awhile ago and find it quite cool!


As you can see, first on the case are the CD4+ T cells, then the b cells start to engage, the cd8 t cells seem to have some late stage activation, with b cell response being late as well. As you can see above it goes from D zero to Day 28 when the immune response is complete.

I still feel easily angered, irritable, slightly anxious and on edge. Definitely trying not to upset anyone!! The more I think about "remission" and what it means to me and the more I try to remember how I was pre ME, the more I Realise that if I do end up being able to tolerate graded exercise without symptoms and get back to my old normal, some of the aspects of old me I didn't like are probably likely to re-appear and I'll have to start dealing with them all over again. Talking mainly here about psychological aspects, I think remission can be great, but I also felt like ME made me more humble and more engaged with the real world. At the same time hormonal changes do there own thing to your personality and there's no changing that.

One thing I do want to do is try to get the sleep better. I think my mood will resolve once the above T cell response has calmed down and the chimpanzee virus is gone!


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