Day 28 - Dose 2

Managed to do a lot today, just dealing with the covid symptoms as my necks pretty stiff and inflamed, but not so bad I can't actually do stuff. I keep testing to see whether these tasks induce PEM just in case. But so far...nothing really.

Had a reply from someone on the main thread about 5-ar inhibitors that are in the protocol like EGCG. These can be seemingly quite bad for men if they reduce the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which in men is responsible for hair thickness, penile thickness, ability to get an erection and quite a few other things. I'm paraphrasing a bit as jump44 made me aware of this and I didn't even know what 5-ar inhibitors were. We've got two old PR threads on the forum about 5-ar and its effects.

It would seem on the face of it like I may need a new blood test to check my DHT levels next month, more money to spend! grr. But going to wait to see what everyone else says. Even so if it's a simple blood test for peace of mind I'll get it and re-test it every 3 months to be safe. A blood level test for DHT might be enough to figure out if the 5-ar inhibitors are potent enough to cause issues.

I started a new thread here to discuss it all:

Wouldn't be surprised if this were the case, as Tagamet causes issues in men, as do most H2 blockers. I've seen testosterone issues crop up a lot for different reasons in ME treatments too, which is certainly annoying.

I haven't noticed a reduction in sex drive though, my sex drive has actually gone up since I took out the reishi and lions mane. If anything it's a bit too high and I've become less emotionally sensitive, which me generally depicts an increase in T levels not a decrease.

Protocol wise I've taken out the thorne b complex just to see if my sleep improves over the next week, if it doesn't I'll just put it back in again. Still got quite a few tests to do really with the protocol to optimise it.

Currently still at 154mg egcg breakfast and lunch, then 75mg then 0mg at 8pm. And no lions mane or oat bran as josh appeared to indicate that it was best not to take that for a week or two when getting the jab. So I'll fire everything back up in about 2 weeks, as I really don't want to disrupt the vaccines effectiveness I have to say.


So if DHT causes hair loss, wouldn't hair growth mean you have less DHT?

Just wondering if you could use that as something of an indicator until you can get tested.
Yeah could do. Sex drive might be an easier judge though. I must admit it's still early days in terms of physical stamina. I'm expecting a change after excercise increases. We will see :)

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