Day 26 - Dose 4

Spent most of the day high as a kite on the covid jab (immune response). Seemed to come down about 4pm and felt more like I had a bad cold since then. So certainly not having a rough ride.

Got some muscle fatigue tonight in my legs from the jab. Todays egcg dose test seems to have gone fine, I do feel a bit less wired, impossible to know what effect it's had/having on the fatigue due to the jab.

As I've also increased the lions mane back to the normal dose, that could well be contributing to the immune response and making me feel a bit rougher.

Overall though still doing really well and quite optimistic that once this immune response is over in a week or two I should be able to continue with the protocol in earnest again. Suspect that it will take 3 months to clear out the dormant/more embedded viral infections.


Any idea why the shot made you feel high? I wonder if anyone else has gotten the same reaction or if the protocol had an impact.
Hiya. I did have a similar reaction the first time. Which I think is what made me over reach in terms of my envelope. But I felt even more high this time. Not sure really. Could be gdh inhibition but I don't think it is. It might just be me.

At any rate I've got a headache and neck stiffness and swelling now with pain behind my eyes. Which I'm confident is the covid jab. But still able to function like a healthy person just feel a bit tired and obviously my eyes and head hurt. Just taken another dose but it hasn't had an effect which makes me think it's definitely the covid jab.

I had the live virus jab made by AZ so you get hit with a chimpanzee virus and that's how the covid virus gets copied into your b cells. So this is the early t cell phase where the body attacks the chimpanzee virus and then copies the covid mrna within eventually to the b cells. So it's not muscle fatigue it's more aches and pains.

Hope I'm right anyway! But I think I am.

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