Day 24 - Dose 3

(due to a mistake with my maths these figures are new and 325mg was actually closer to 200mg)
200mg, 200mg, 125mg, 0mg
Oat bran: 1 tsp 3x a day
reishi: 980mg 3x a day
lions mane: 0mg

Well I am pleased to say the tiredness lifted and the yawning didn't persist much beyond 12pm. I think carbs at breakfast with slightly less carbs at lunch did the trick, much more balanced but my body still had some fuel to stop me feeling exhausted.

I've started to feel pretty fantastic around 4pm, which seems to last until dinner when the carbs hit me and then I am a lot more sluggish until 9pm. I still go to bed dead on 10, but it is nice to have energy around 3/4pm.

I've decided I'll start doing walks in a few weeks post covid jab, as this is gentle exercise and should get the body used to things and if it's too much I can dial it back. I miss walking so much, even more than excercise, so to be able to walk even if it's just for an hour would be amazing. As I was symptomatic within 5 to 20 minutes prior to protocol.

Have not felt as good as I do currently since 2 summers back and the only reason I felt that good in the month of JUne was because I was necking andrographis paniculata like candy. Usually 5g a day and 18g a day if I had a viral infection. At a cost of about £200 a month as the only brand I found that worked was very expensive and I tried over 7 brands of andrographis!! Andro has multiple uses, anti viral (very potent), anti bacterial, anti lyme (supposedly), anti parasitic, h2 blocker, calcium channel blocker and acts like a benzodiazipan, also crosses the blood brain barrier. Awesome stuff really, but it dries the body out badly and that was causing other issues.

Whereas this protocol so far is much more targeted and specific, where traditional remedies are broad spectrum supplements and some compounds are not, I wouldn't have ever figured this protocol out on my own.

Got bloods taken tonight for liver and kidneys, will post in a week. Covid jab tomorrow!
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