Day 23 - Dose 2

325mg, 325mg, 125mg, 0mg
Lions Mane: 0mg
Oat bran: 0mg
Reishi: 980mg x 3

Still no muscle fatigue today. Eating carbs at lunch definitely knocked me out, I mean I can still function but very sleepy. No carbs for lunch, just protein and fat.

I think the 325mg egcg dose again is doing me good, that's how it feels anyway.

Not much else to report, pretty dizzy after taking the 980mg reishi dose for 2 hours post, which does make concentration a lot harder, especially when listening to people talk! But should get less and less over the next 2 months in theory.

Been feeling rather "healthy person tired" today, yawning a lot! My god was this once my normal? It's been such a long time I actually cannot tell you, I literally don't know.


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