Day 22 - dose 2

2 X 325mg egcg
1 X 125mg egcg
(I haven't been taking a forth dose for about 3 days and this would appear to have made sleep a lot better.)
No lion's mane or oat bran
No reishi until 425mg at dose 3.

All in all having. Pretty good day. Ended up doing a lot more than planned in the end. Although wouldn't have done it if I didn't feel able.

Still don't feel like I can push my maximum tolerance without causing issues. But I have been able to prime some furniture today for about 30 minutes before my arms got really tired and I had to stop. Whereas before that would simply have been impossible these days.

Cleaning also was impossible pre protocol. Whereas I was able to clean the bathroom sinks and half the shower last week. I also hoovered the top of the house. I haven't had the energy to do any of this since I used the singlet oxygen machine between Nov and January 2020/2021.
I've driven short distances but for longer than usual as well the last 8 days (not including my 3 crash days).

My neck still feels really good. It gets a bit stiff but overall ok.

The egcg brings on a sort of hyper active feeling at the higher doses. But this is met with higher PEM buffering. Notice here I say buffering. I'm not sure really that it's ever blocked PEM fully on this protocol. I did manage some graded exercise without huge incident. But any normal daily or weekly activities have brought on PEM.

Still dealing with dizziness etc. Stomachs calmed down since I removed the oat bran not sure that stuff agrees with me much!

If I compare this month to last month the difference is huge. I was pretty much at low activity levels pre glandular fever and housebound post glandular fever. But even though I was better pre glandular fever I was still struggling.

I think it'll become clearer with time what all the ins and outs are of these substances. I also think adding andrographolide at a suitable dose will help ameliorate possibly lots of other symptoms. When I take the whole herb it reduces inflammation hugely. So it may prove a good adjunct.


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