Day 20 - Dose 2

Felt a lot better 1 hour before this dose. I'm still in bed but I was able to get up and cook, but my knees are very weak and I'm actually very dizzy when I'm stood up. I think my body is just generally weak. I feel like I've just had a stomach flu or something and need a week to recover.

Anyway just an update to say that the immune response does appear to be the culprit, I am just totally puzzled as to why it can be totally fine for 4 days and then hits me like a ton of bricks after exertion and then goes on for say a week. As this perfectly mimics my own crash cycle tolerance. Prior to this crash I had 2 crashes which I recovered from in 24 hours, so even more puzzled.

But I am still hopeful that things may trend towards being calmer over time, for me though I am mainly pursuing this now to see if it has any effect on viral cleardown. This approach has worked well for me in the past but since June 2020 when my ebv reactivated I just don't appear to be able to work round anything anymore. I'm hopeful at any rate that I can clear things down again, get back to where I was the week just gone and make some gains over time. Also hopeful my sleep will normalise and I'll feel better. Otherwise I'll have to go back to what I Was taking beforehand.
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The excercise was ok that didn't have any effect on me. But when I pushed it more that did cause me to crash and I've still not recovered from that. I've also started to feel weaker over time. Dizziness has appeared out of nowhere even if I don't take a dose so in the morning for example. And my muscles are very weak which they never have been. PEM should be blocked on this protocol. That's the important thing to remember and it isn't. I've had it not block 3 times in a row since I started.
The expectation from the model:

If you leave out the beta-glucans, the immune response is expected to die down and you’ll have symptomatic remission (assuming your GDH is balanced.)
Yes I agree. Based on my non scientific head that should happen. Saying that I tend to feel better when I'm experiencing immune modulation. This effect has become hard to replicate these days but I used to get it from reishi, andrographis, inositol, Lauricidin and a concoction of anti viral tinctures. Taken seperately with breaks not at the same time.

But almost all these raise my metabolism which leaves me super hungry. Maybe that's not surprising.

Anyway my second day now with much less beta glucans and I've still got fatigue but the dizziness is better on waking and I'm a lot more awake then I was yesterday morning. Considering how dehydrated I am thismorning that's probably not bad.

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