Day 20 - Dose 1

Feeling pretty bad today. Any gains I had made are gone in terms of energy levels. Sore throat is still gone. But I'm in bed with no energy and muscular weakness. My body feels weak and I just generally feel pretty pants.

It feels like the protocol built my system up and then the crash after exertion pulled that forced homeostasis out of place. The only different being I seem to be having difficulty getting it to go back to where it was before. So similar to taking something and then it suddenly stops working. Something we can all relate to!

I've removed the oat bran and I'm going to drop the lion's mane and reishi dose in half. I slept an extra hour today as well. Which isn't my baseline. I only fall asleep in the evening not the morning. Although after my first dose I just felt totally exhausted and wiped out.

As I'm way past the mono phase state I don't think it makes sense that that is what this is. Last time I felt like this a week ago I took some b12 and then felt better for a day and then seemingly worse before stabilising. Maybe if I stick with it this time something will be different?

At this point though I'm concerned about making my overall baseline worse. Doesn't feel like remission at all. Sleep is worse on this protocol just a simple fact it's been bad 50% of days and I've been taking way more stuff to sleep than I did prior to starting it. My body doesn't relax on this protocol. I know from practice of the body never relaxes it doesn't recuperate.

I have to contrast that with this week where from Monday to Thursday I had a lot of energy and felt great. But is this sustainable? Also the PEM etc is not blocked. So that isn't working.

I feel like these are the issues:
1. Body not at rest enough for general healing
2. PEM (primary symptom not blocked) even at 75mg egcg
3. Sleep is poor or more disturbed

Also it would seem that patients who were in remission on the protocol may have been in remission because of spironolactone not the protocol. I base this on Josh's last comment. I think Josh's heart is in the right place I'm just not entirely sure this can work for ME. ME always seems to aggressively counter create new homeostasis all by itself regardless of the protocol or drug. Apart from the recovery stories mentioned in Hips thread. But maybe the spironolactone is a really important component, for those with metabolic disease where the underlying issue will simply self correct no matter what you give the body.

To clarify I am continuing with the protocol, but I am going to just lower the dose on the beta glucans. As most practitioners agree slowly is best especially if things get overwhelming. Going to have lunch and take dose 2 at half the amount and see how I get on. So that's 440mg lions mane 440mg reishi extract. For totally seperate reasons to do with too much fibre in my diet I've taken the oat bran out for the time being.
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Thanks @Judee . I'm up now but I feel weak and dizzy and just well worse I guess. Not really sure what to do as some of the symptoms being gone like sore throat are nice to have. But because my body doesn't seem to be able to rest properly it just seems to mean I'm gradually eroding the baseline I was at before. That's my worry anyway. Trying to decide whether to bother for another week. Can't really make my mind up! Hate throwing away possible gains even if there only small.

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