Day 2 of protocol

Just had my second dose. While I haven't had a huge reaction, I did feel dizzy with the first dose and my sore throat which had almost disappeared taking thiamine and a few other things. This has basically come back now and I have the symptoms of a cold. On the whole my energy levels are stable but I am hoping this doesn't mean another sleepless night. My fitbit shows 2 hours of rem sleep, where I normally get 3 or 4. I also had to get up at 3am as my limbic system seemed to be agitated (which it hasn't been for weeks while taking thiamine), causing me to over react to the smallest movement or sound in the bedroom at night. Very irritating! But a primary symptom of ME.

I am finding the thiamine is helping though to stabilise energy levels. Also P5P seems to give a little boost too. So these two together seem to be useful (for me).

I am also going to order a new OAT test, even if people don't always put any stock in them, I figure it's the best pathology I have for this particular protocol. If I get odd results I'll have to ask Josh to look and we can alter the protocol to hopefully work, if it doesn't as is.

So all in all too early to tell I guess. I don't really have any major head pressure, just mildly dizzy, sore throat, energy levels are stable (probably helped by the thiamine and p5p). Quick update as of 3pm I do have the symptoms of a cold, which I more or less woke up with, sore throat, stuffy nose. So this might be an immune reaction.


Nope I've not felt like that at all. Yep added the green tea and I did the diet changes. I do wonder if I need to get another green tea supp tho, concerned the one I haven't isn't any good. Which one did you get again? @Reading_Steiner

I can't do all of the diet changes, eggs are a total no no for me. They've made me feel ill since I was a young kid, so no sense eating what makes you feel sick. But I am doing as well as I can with all the other aspects of the diet none the less. I've added some dairy in via kefir drinks as per the suggestion and this helps to boost the protein levels.
By the way I think the reason I'm not feeling like crap is because I've had 4 weeks of detoxing and clearing (using my own methods) primarily inosine, lauricidin, b1, b12, multi vitamins (primarily b vitamins), lots of water, decent diet etc. You can feel the swelling and symptomology gradually get better, which it has over the last 4 weeks no doubt. So I would expect that the beta glucans would now take over and administer a strong immune response. But if that's also "been done" then it's more a case of are the pathways now working correctly? I think a GDX OAT test will tell me what's what where that's concerned.

Thoughts @joshua.leisk ?
I got the true veda one, I think its a british company. the amount of each chemical in these tea extracts seems to vary greatly. you will probably notice more of a difference with lions mane added in too yes. reishi makes a big difference, the green tea by itself you gotta try to take that every 4 to 5 hours, I think it just keeps the virus from taking hold again or something ( switching your metabolism back to glutaminolysis and generating lots of bad stuff ). I don't understand what the Tri thingys do in the Reishi but they are also important. Beta glucans it just kinda stimulates your immune system and puts it into overdrive, it was noticable for me when I at the oats the first time and had 38 degree C fever after.
Odd question coming but what colour is your green tea extract? Mine is dark brown. If I'm suspicious of a supplements potency I normally taste it and check the colour to see if it just looks and tastes like nothing at all. I haven't tested this one yet. Just wondering what yours looks like.

Doesn't EGCG block akdh? (GDH in Josh's paper). My memory is terrible at remembering it all, but that's all I Can remember.

Good on the lions mane, I'm glad. One thing I found though after years of using anti virals and herbal compounds is that I get high from them if I take them and there's no immediate viral threat in my body (at least nothing that compound or my immune system can see). So normally if I take anti viral type stuff and I feel great, or hyper, I know that I basically don't need it. At least that's my theory, could be completely incorrect.

It's interesting because the first time I took all these sorts of things, I took had the fever and everything you've discussed. But unless I'm unwell with a cold, I don't really react that way anymore when taking them and working remotely I've not met anyone so haven't had opportunity to get sick which is good. Even so my lymph nodes are definitely thickened and I feel cold like and a tad dizzy in the head. So all good signs that the immune system is bubbling away at something.

Also the b vitamins I've been taking in high doses have honestly made me feel so much better than I have felt in ages. When I first took them I felt them attacking a cold right at the back of my throat. Normally this never happens. You know when people say "you get that tickle before a cold comes on?" I never understood what they were on about until I took the thiamine and then I felt the tickle! I was like wow so it does exist. My immune system is asleep most of the time :(
So I think that's gone a long way to modulating my immune system. Also I've been taking probiotics for 2 months and had a noticeable boost in energy levels from those. And as you know a decent gut microbiome is important for immune health.

So I think we're both making progress in our own way :D Hope you're feeling ok tonight?

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