Day 19

Quick update.

Had a fair bit of nausea at 11am today, I think this might be because of yesterdays exertion and todays fatigue combined with taking my tablets too quickly this morning (5 minutes after food). Whereas I normally wait, so that was my own fault!

The nausea could also be an immunse response of sorts. I do think there's issues with the stomach and in the gut due to ME and of course if those are not yet resolved it makes sense they might flare, especially if pathogens are hiding in fat cells in the stomach lining? Vomiting last week for all I know might have been the bodies way of processing a sudden purging of these cells. Really hard to know for sure, not a very well understood part of viral contagion when it comes to hiding in fat cells or biofilms in the body.

Anyway one fairly big update on progress I want to update on is that the inflammation in my cranial cervical junction appears to have cleared, I would say it's 75% better. It's sort of moved now to the tissues around the cranical cervical junction and those of the spine. My occipitals still get a little swollen but not nearly as bad as they did before. And prior to today I think this might have played a role in my 3 day run where I felt significantly better. Plus I did loads!

Graded exercise
Went to the shop to buy food each day so that involved driving and everything else

Definitely baby steps on that front. Due to me getting the vaccine soon though I think I'll try to ditch the graded exercise for now not that I could do any today anyway.

I think overall I am trending in the right direction, be interesting to see what improvements I have in the next few weeks.

I've also increased my EGCG to 100mg due to the conversation had on the PR thread today.

Forgot to say I am feeling pretty rough today, but it's nowhere near as bad as a normal crash and I am not even sure I Can call it a crash really as I'm still able to do stuff, I just feel wooly headed and basically I feel unwell today, but unwell like I might have felt pre-ME. It's still early days but I don't feel crushed and the fatigue has more or less gone, but I can sense the muscles will tire easily if I was to really push it. Basically I just want a lie down and a long sleep really right now. Took some benzoate to relieve head pressure today and sodium bicarbonate to relieve the stomach discomfort and upset. I think the bicarb helped more than the benzoate. All in all though if this week was anything to go by I would expect fewer and fewer incidents of symptoms like I have today over time, we will see! I also didn't get off to bed last night until about 11pm because my gf was on the phone quite late, so that won't have helped much!


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